Women’s Leadership Luncheon      

The Empowered Women Leadership Luncheon is a key component in our strategy to empower, inform and activate women in our community as well as raise funds for our local programs and scholarships.

Baltimore Links’ programs include supporting Bluford Drew Jemison Stem Academy, a Baltimore City public school in West Baltimore. The school educates six hundred African-American male scholars in grades 6 to 12. The Baltimore chapter has also developed “GRASP” which stands for GRADUATION, RETENTION AND SUPPORT PROGRAM. GRASP assists juniors and seniors attending Morgan State University and Coppin State University by providing them with funding to cover fees and other academic costs needed to keep them enrolled and progressing towards graduation. We mentor young adult women through another program called GEMS 2 (Girls Empowerment Mission Squared) during their college and post-graduate years, helping them develop financial literacy, parenting skills, healthy relationships and, career goals.